Meet my Rabbits and Kits

Who We Are


My name is Jeannette, i've been handling and caring for rabbits for almost 15 years off and on. I absolutely love them, they have such a unique way about them and how they communicate with each other and with their handlers/owners, learn it its informative and fun.

My husband, Robert works ( as we also live on it ) an organic dairy farm in northern vermont, he helps with what he can for cleaning and the what nots, but most important he's a great shoulder to lean on when its been a rough day.  He also provides the food for these little ones whom have now become our family.

My daughter Tia, is 12 and wants to be a vet, she's there for them for what ever their needs are, she helps with the cages/hutch cleanings, feeding, watering ( no matter what the weather has in store ) and if one is ill or just needs a friend she's there. I think personally this will be a great life lesson learned for her, love,life,hope, and death, she's realized that these are all part of living, and even tho its almost umberable at times, it does get better and things happen for a reason. We are all believers in karma.

My son, Steven is only going to be 6 at the end of nov. 2008, but he is the most helpful little 6 year old i've seen in a long time, he helps with feeding, including picking the veggies and apples, to feeding directly to the buns, with no hesitation, whilest he is feeding...or even cleaning he's talking to them, with a speech impairment we are really workin on what the buns are trying to say with their body language ( which will be described on another page ) He does help with cleaning, but keep in mind he's young and even tho we praise him for his efforts and tell him " you are doing a great job " in the end its a bit more work..he's such a card.

We all play our parts with contending and caring for our buns, from picking fresh veggies in the garden or apples from the apples trees, to all of us heading out to the woods ( thank the schools for doing a whole thing on trees and what they look like as i have no idea one tree from the next ) and grabbing the wagon  or tractor and cutting down branches for them to chew dig and toss around by the way its really funny to see..