Meet my Rabbits and Kits

steps for bonding


Place your rabbit in his new play area and open the travel case door. Then stand back and let your rabbit decide when to venture out of the travel case and begin to explore his new surroundings.

Speak softly to your rabbit and try not to speak in high-pitched tones or screeches because rabbits's ears are very sensitive to loud noises.
Allow a skittish rabbit two or more days to get accustomed to his surroundings before you enter his play area to begin the bonding process.
Speak softly to your rabbit and extend your hand with the fingers together and the back of your hand facing your rabbit to see if he'll let you pet him. If he hops away, just say, 'That's okay, (your rabbit's name). Maybe later you'll let me pet you.'
Spend at least a half hour to an hour or more sitting in your rabbit's play area with him each day.
Read a book or just sit there with your hands in your lap and let your rabbit decide when to check you out. He will. Rabbits are very curious and quite daring when they feel safe.
If you can, sleep on the floor by your rabbit's play area for a few nights because it's difficult for anyone or anybunny to feel threatened by someone whose head is below theirs. Lie down on your rabbit's play area floor and let him check you out.
Always approach your rabbit from the front side of his head, so he can see you. If you approach from above his head, he will either run from you or attack for fear you're a bird who is hunting him.
Speak in a soft, gentle tone of voice; avoid raising your voice or using the high-pitched squeak we use with human children. Rabbits' ears are sensitive to loud, high-pitched tones.
Offer your rabbit a treat: a small piece of banana, a small carrot, a handful of his favority grass hay.
Always extend your hand toward your rabbit with fingers together and the back of your hand facing your rabbit. This is far less threatening than the palms of your hands because your rabbit knows that you can grab him with the palms of your hands.
  • Spend time with your rabbit everyday to ensure that your bond grows stronger.