Meet my Rabbits and Kits


We do take donations, they are not for tax purpose's of anykind as we do this out of our home with our own time and money, any donations are done from the kindness of others straight from thier hearts. . There have been a few donations the last few months of blankets,frozen veggies, sweatshirts,thermal long johns,heater,dish's i'm sure i'm forgetting items and will list as we go along.

Thank you to all for those donations, they've certainly come in handy especially with the temps the way they have been!

If you would like to bring/send a donation you can either drop it off at the address at the bottom of this page or send to the same address via mail .

thank you very much Mr. and Mrs harter for the love you have given and the items, theyve been put to good use.


Mrs Gebo

2478 main street

fairfax, VT 05454

*please remember this is not a tax exempt purpose and donations are not claimable, this is from our own hearts and finances and for the love of rabbits, so if you donate any item it is purely for the love of the rabbit. thank you. 

Donations received from Mr and Mrs. Harter, blankets,frozen zucchini,heater,pumpkins,wheel barrow, others i'm sure i am forgetting. thanks a heap

Donations received from Kim, toilet paper rolls,comforter,shirt i'm sure others i'm forgetting.. come over anytime to see Hannah, and thanks a bunch.

Donation received from " Tigger" 20$, spent on 1 50 lb bag of pellets, 1 brand new water bottle, 1 bag of carrots, 2 bunches of parsley, thank you very much.